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Grasshoppers, crickets, katydids and locusts: Order Orthoptera Do gr[Removed]s grow legs or other extremities back if say one is removed by a predator ? If one is... 6.08 AM, 10 August 2009
Scolopendrid centipedes Picture # 2. Lens cap is 55 mm wide. Making centipede 125 mm long. Deleted my second comment. Same... kell 3.08 PM, 07 August 2009
About the site Hi there - yes, the site is in its infancy and we hope to beef up this 'About the site' page with some... Ondine Evans 10.08 AM, 07 August 2009
Find a fish Thanks for your suggestion - we would love to make the Classification levels searchable at the very least... Ondine Evans 10.08 AM, 07 August 2009
Science Direct: Simon Roz Hi Simon, What do you think is the most important thing that we can do now about climate change? I mean,... cathyharp 3.08 PM, 06 August 2009
Museum in a Box - How to book I cannot see how to book the Museum in the Box on line, I have looked and looked on the various pages... Jasmine 2.08 PM, 06 August 2009
Southern Smiler, Opistognathus jacksoniensis Macleay, 1881 Good question Sascha. According to Kuiter (2000), the fish is found on "rubble and sand flats near reefs;... Mark McGrouther 2.08 PM, 06 August 2009
Southern Smiler, Opistognathus jacksoniensis Macleay, 1881 Mark, are these fish found in shallow waters at all. Say at diveable depths? Sascha Schulz 12.08 PM, 06 August 2009
Find a fish Hi guys, I know you are all working flat out porting the old site, something that would be totally awesome... rling 8.08 AM, 06 August 2009
Scolopendrid centipedes Hi Yall, I notice in the Classification above there is no Species named? But when I click on [What... kell 6.08 PM, 04 August 2009
About the site I did try to find out more about australian museum by following the about us link but discovered a bunch... bonz 5.08 PM, 04 August 2009
Antarctic habitats how cool is antarctica coolcat 4.08 PM, 04 August 2009
Public Response to Taxidermy Mounts Hi Lynda. I'm keen to learn more about this very interesting topic. Can you suggest some further reading... CallMeHenry 11.08 AM, 04 August 2009
Red Stone Centipede Hi Kell,it appears that your centipede is scolopendrid in the family Scolopendridae. To get an accurate... Louise Carter 9.08 AM, 04 August 2009
Eastern Kelpfish, Chironemus marmoratus (Günther, 1860) Hi Sunny, Thanks for your comment. The Kelpfish has a one star edibility rating. In other words, it... Mark McGrouther 1.08 PM, 03 August 2009