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Eastern Frogfish, Batrachomoeus dubius (White, 1790) Thank you for posting the image Jonathan. You did very well spotting the fish in what appears to be... Mark McGrouther 8.08 AM, 31 August 2009
Eastern Frogfish, Batrachomoeus dubius (White, 1790) Photo taken at Chowder Bay, 29 August, 2009, at a depth of 9m. Jonathan 9.08 PM, 29 August 2009
Up Close & Spineless 2009 Results We are very pleased to announce that the entries for the 2009 Up Close & Spineless invertebrate photography... Sophie Masters 4.08 PM, 29 August 2009
First Australians galleries With all my love for the Indigenous Australians,and God bless their Children ,who carry on their dreamtime... Fatafehi 12.08 PM, 29 August 2009
Handling a canoe Just wonderful!I would like to invite Indigenous Australians to dinner,once I set up my Herbal Business.I... Fatafehi 12.08 PM, 29 August 2009
Australian Museum Ornithology Collection Hi Barbara. Thanks for your enquiry. We do not have many specimens from the Galapagos Islands in the... Jaynia Sladek 10.08 AM, 28 August 2009
Parrys Raines Hi there, Thankyou for your kind comments and for your offer of footage. I am about to start a... Parrys Raines 4.08 PM, 27 August 2009
The 'Hole in the head' skull Thankyou for your comment. Although we use the term 'tortoise' in the article, it is understandable that... Ondine Evans 1.08 PM, 27 August 2009 I live on a headland not far from Darwin, we have 3 beaches that have little usage, there are several... maureen wilis 1.08 PM, 25 August 2009
Public Response to Taxidermy Mounts Hi John and thanks for your comment. I don't have any further advice actually on this. Maybe Google could... Lynda Kelly 11.08 AM, 25 August 2009
Blue-lined Octopus Attached is a photo of a blue lined octopus that appears to be carrying eggs. This photo was taken last... lyn 10.08 PM, 24 August 2009
Parrys Raines What a great young talent you are. good luck with all your projects and let us know if we can help you... absolutelywildvisuals 1.08 PM, 24 August 2009
Thornback Cowfish, Lactoria fornasini (Bianconi, 1846) Hi Jonathan, Thank you for submitting the image. It's a great shot that shows some of the unusual characters... Mark McGrouther 8.08 AM, 24 August 2009
Thornback Cowfish, Lactoria fornasini (Bianconi, 1846) Photo of a L. fornasini taken at Chowder Bay, 6.5m, 22 August, 2009. Jonathan 7.08 AM, 23 August 2009
Green and Golden Bell Frog Fab info. Thanks. JesZ123 6.08 PM, 20 August 2009