Welcome to the Jungle - Day 7

By: Dr Jodi Rowley, Category: Science, Date: 15 Sep 2011

Mountains, monsoons and mosquitoes: highlights from amphibian biologist Dr Jodi Rowley's diary of her recent field trip to Central Vietnam.

Recording frog call in the forest

Recording frog call in the forest
Photographer: Dau Quang Vinh © Dau Quang Vinh/Australian Museum

We spent most of the day recording data for the amphibians and reptiles that we collected, and preserving scientific specimens. After lunch, at about 2pm, a thunderstorm rolled over and it rained heavily most of the afternoon. However, thankfully by the time we headed out at about 6.30pm, it was only sprinkling.

We surveyed a swampy area downstream, finding some lovely tree frogs calling from about 10 m up trees, and a number more small brown frogs in the genus Leptolalax calling from an area of boulders, rocks, rotting wood, leaf-litter and vegetation- a perfect hiding spot for something so small and camouflaged! Lying in the mud, I recorded the call of a number of them, many of which I couldn’t find, even though they must have been right there! I think I kept the team there longer than they’d like, lying in the mud with my sound recorder.

One of the guides is a marksman with a home-made slingshot, and bagged a long-tailed rat for his after-survey snack!

Welcome to the Jungle - Day 7b

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