This week in Fish: Bastard Trumpeter and Childish Pearleye

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 16 Sep 2011

This week we were visited by Adrian Flynn, who worked with John Paxton on specimens of Dana Lanternfish.  We posted an image of the strangely-named Bastard Trumpeter and saw the addition of an image of a Childish Pearleye - a new family for the site.  Thank you to all who contributed!

Adrian Flynn - 2011

Adrian Flynn - 2011
Photographer: Mark McGrouther © Australian Museum


Bastard Trumpeter, Latridopsis forsteri
Blotched Fantail Ray at Wolf Rock
Blotched Fantail Ray, Taeniura meyeni
Childish Pearleye, Benthalbella infans
Deepsea Lizardfish, Bathysaurus ferox
Mouth of a Deepsea Lizardfish
John Stuart with a Longfin Eel
Juvenile Southern Roughy
Little Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta scabriceps
Silverside, Argentina australiae
Yellowtail Fusilier
Yellowtail Fusilier at Wheeler Reef
Yellowtail Fusilier, Caesio cuning


Adrian Flynn - 2011


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