This week in Fish: Barnyard of Fishes

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 01 Feb 2013

This week we feature a veritable barnyard of angry, dancing fishes - Cownose Ray, Blackfin Pigfish, Ferocious Puffer and Eastern Hulafish.

Brushtail Pipefish, Leptoichthys fistularius

Brushtail Pipefish, Leptoichthys fistularius
Photographer: Phil Mercurio © Phil Mercurio

New movies:

Spotted Wobbegong, Orectolobus maculatus
Ipnopidae - Spiderfishes

New images:

Australian Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera neglecta
Blackfin Pigfish, Bodianus loxozonus
Blue-eye Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus compressus
Brushtail Pipefish, Leptoichthys fistularius
Eastern Hulafish at Fly Point
Ferocious Puffer at North Direction Island
Ferocious Puffer, Feroxodon multistriatus
Lined Monocle Bream, Scolopsis lineatus
Snakeskin Wrasse, Eupetrichthys angustipes

New image gallery:

Blue Devils, Hulafishes and Prettyfins

New factsheet:

Brushtail Pipefish, Leptoichthys fistularius

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