This Week in Fish: A Fishy Fortnight

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 31 May 2013

Actually it's been a fortnight, but who's counting.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Blue-green Puller, Chromis viridis

Blue-green Puller, Chromis viridis
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

New movies:

Araara, Pseudocaranx georgianus  
Crab-eye Goby, Signigobius biocellatus
Diamondfish, Monodactylus argenteus
Dusky Whaler, Carcharhinus obscurus
Halfmoon Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus lunula (oh the museum's YouTube channel)
Rock Blackfish, Girella elevata
Smooth Flutemouth, Fistularia commersonii
White-ear, Parma microlepis

New images:

Blackaxil Puller, Chromis atripectoralis
Eastern Pigfish, Bodianus unimaculatus
Large moray eel leptocephalus
Pearly Monocle Bream, Scolopsis margaritifera
Young Pearly Monocle Bream
Peristedion picturatum - holotype
Starry Goby, Asterropteryx semipunctatus 

New factsheets:

Blacktip Cucumberfish, Paraulopus nigripinnis
Crab-eye Goby, Signigobius biocellatus
Diamondfish, Monodactylus argenteus
Ringback Pipefish, Stipecampus cristatus
Softcoral Pipefish, Siokunichthys breviceps

Past staff:

Brooke Carson-Ewart

Current visitors:

Dr Alan Williams - 2013
Dr Koichi Shibukawa
Dr Tony Miskiewicz - 2013
Dr Toshio Kawai
TAFE fish collection tour 2013

Past visitors:

Dr Bruce Thompson (2004)

Other goodies:

McCulloch's handwriting
Ogilby's handwriting   
Waite's handwriting