This week in Fish: 2011 - it was a big year!

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 30 Dec 2011

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the fish site throughout the year.  Permission to use images and movies was granted by 87 people. I've compiled a short summary, below, of what you have made possible.  So, thank you and best wishes for a happy, safe (and fishy) 2012.

Head of a Largetooth Flounder

Head of a Largetooth Flounder
Photographer: Richard Vevers © Richard Vevers

2011 was a good one

The site now contains information on 1136 fish species.
Assets added to the fish site during 2011 include:

  • 274 images
  • 47 blog posts
  • 43 assets from the old site (still more to migrate)
  • 40 miscellaneous pages - lists, tributes, etc
  • 25 movies
  • 22 image galleries
  • 13 visitor pages

New movie:

Giant Shovelnose Ray in an aquarium
Shark Ray, Rhina ancylostoma

New images:

Chinaman Rockcod, Epinephelus rivulatus
Head of a Largetooth Flounder
Redfish, Centroberyx affinis

New image galleries:

Alfonsinos and Redfishes

Feel-good movie:

And to leave you all on a happy note, the movie below shows some beautiful footage.  Click on the link if you wish to see the larger original version on YouTube.

Bali diving footage on YouTube

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