BBC Life - Common Seadragon footage

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 16 Aug 2010

The 'Fish' episode of the BBC Life series aired on television last night.  The Common Seadragon footage is simply stunning!

Head of a Common Seadragon

Head of a Common Seadragon
Photographer: Sascha Schulz © Sascha Schulz

The standard name of the species is Common Seadragon. It is also known as the Weedy Seadragon.

BBC Life website

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Mark McGrouther - 10.10 AM, 13 October 2010

Hi rling.  I have heard back from the Australian Museum’s, Janet Waterhouse who said: “Rling’s identification of Pseudobiceros bedfordi is correct and it is a flatworm. The other specimens filmed before and after the shot are all nudibranchs.  Bill Rudman had a comment on a similar photo he received on  sea slug forum: “This is a flatworm, not a nudibranch. Its name is Pseudobiceros bedfordi. It is sometimes hard to tell nudibranch and flatworms apart without having a close look. One good field indication though is how quickly they crawl. Your description of it as a fast moving slug is a pretty good indication that it is a flatworm. Nudibranchs are very slow”.  The film clip also shows the flatworm motoring quickly around cf the nudibranchs. It seems like it’s a pretty common mistake.”

Mark McGrouther - 9.10 AM, 07 October 2010

Hi rling,  Being a 'fishy person', I would be way out of my depth if I tried to talk about nudibranchs.  I've forwarded your comment to the staff in our Malacology Section who will reply soon.

rling - 8.10 AM, 07 October 2010
I was thinking of the animal they describe as a "nudibranch" which is actually a flatworm (Pseudobiceros bedfordi)! This is a pet hate of at least one well-known Australian naturalist...
Mark McGrouther - 4.08 PM, 17 August 2010

Good call!  Like all the BBC footage, Episode 8 is great.  I just watched it here. I'm not a malacologist so don't take my word for it, but I suspect that the error you are referring to is the Humbolt squid's reputation as a man eater.  I found this page which refutes the claim.

rling - 11.08 AM, 17 August 2010
Be sure to check out episode 8 "Creatures of the Deep" too -- it features Australian giant cuttles! I had a sneak preview on a recent flight. See if you can spot the mistake! (Hint: you may need to know a teeny bit about Opisthobranchs!)
Mark McGrouther - 5.08 PM, 16 August 2010

I'm with you Kieren.  It was fantastic.  Several more of the clips from that fantastic show will be slowly trickled onto the site over the coming weeks.

Divearound - 12.08 PM, 16 August 2010

Saw this and loved it! What stunning footage.

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