This week in Web: 18 March 2011

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 18 Mar 2011

Where do our web visitors come from and why are we interested?


This week we had a great meeting with the folks from Absolutely Wild Visuals discussing sharing their incredible online resource of video material. We plan to start small, adding some of their YouTube Channel videos to some of the Top 50 animal pages and track how our visitors respond.

As part of this we were curious to see the mix between Australian-based visitors and international visitors, given that some of their material only has copyright clearance in Australia.

So, taking February as an example 281,855 visits came from 207 countries/territories as follows:

  • 63% Australia
  • 17% Unites States
  •   4% United Kingdom
  •   2% Canada
  •   1% Germany

The remainder were from countries as varied as India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, Mexico and Russia.

Australian visitors were from the following cities:

  • 51% Sydney
  • 16% Melbourne
  • 13% Brisbane
  •   7% Perth
  •   5% Adelaide
  •   2% Canberra

Other places included Hobart, Richmond (with 1,530 visits for some reason!), the Gold Coast, Cranbourne, Ballarat, Wollongong, Victoria Point and Geelong.

Another noticeable result is that overseas users tend to be new visitors compared with Australia and particularly Sydney (67% of Sydney visitors were new compared with 90% of Canadian visitors for example). This suggests that we could build on our Sydney users with the potential to convert them to physical visitors – a challenge worth thinking about.

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