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By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 12 Oct 2009

Who is using the Beverley Serrell Judging Exhibitions Framework for peer review?

This question from Mark Holland, Waikanae New Zealand: Hello I am a Post Graduate student doing museum studies at Massey University in New Zealand. I have used Serrell's Judging Exhibitions Framework to peer review a local exhibition. Are you aware of any museums in Australia that have used the Framework or any published reviews - I have tried Google Scholar with very little success. Thanks.

Hi Mark. I'm sorry to say that I cannot help you on this one. For once I'm stumped! Have contacted Beverley directly to see if she can help. Also, Eugene Dillenburg's website looks like it may have potential (he was the person who managed the former excellent judges website that now seems to have been subsumed by Beverley's site). They may know of people in the States who have published reviews - there are none that I know of in Australia.

Beverley came to Australia in 2004 and presented across many of our organisations and was very inspiring. Needless to say we didn't do much about it - or did we? I actually now remember using this work (plus others) to develop our Exhibition Appraisal Form, so at least that's something I guess. I use this form all the time with students/interns who come and work here as a great way to introduce them to reveiwing exhibitions from a learning perspective. I have uploaded it to the right hand side of this page.

Anyway, be interested in finding out more on this Mark!

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Lynda Kelly - 8.10 AM, 13 October 2009
Hey, Beverley got back to me and said: "Hi Lynda. I sent Mark to you, so we've gone full circle. I know of people in the US who have used the Excellent Judges Framework and adapted it in different ways, but Mark was looking for someone in Australia. Thanks for sharing your form. Looks good. Enjoy your posts on Facebook!" Since then I think I've found someone who has used the framework at the National Museum of Australia (Canberra) so watch this space.

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