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By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 14 Jan 2011

Are we too obsessed with Facebook?

 So asks Mashable in this posting. Check out the infographic that, among other things, shows:

  • 500 million active Facebook users - that is one in every 13 people on Earth
  • 48% of 18-34 years olds check their account right when they wake up - 28% on their Smartphones before even getting out of bed
  • Those aged 30+ represent 30% of users
  • Around 70% of users are outside the United States
  • 57% talk to more people online than they do face-to-face
  • 48% of young Americans said they fond out about the news via Facebook

Studies we have conducted at the Museum showed that around 70% of visitors had Facebook accounts and, of these, 45% used them at least once a day.

Again, seems a trend well worth keeping on top of...


Lynda Kelly - 1.01 PM, 18 January 2011

Thnx Heather and Cathie.

As Cathie says we do have a Facebook page here. The Museum also has other Facebook accounts - Mr Blobby the Blobfish and Gagali the Gecko fan pages are used to communicate and discuss issues with a wide range of audiences. Winny our Muttaburrasaurus puppet also has a profile so please feel free to be her friend. Two other programs - Lizard Island Research Station and The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes also have fan pages.

We hope you'll 'like' them all!

Cathie - 11.01 AM, 17 January 2011
It's here, Heather:!/australianmuseum
HeatherT - 11.01 AM, 16 January 2011
If 70% of museum visitors have a facebook account and 45% use it every day, then where is the museum's Facebook page.

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