Behind DangerOz: Working with Android

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 21 Dec 2011

We have just released our DangerOz app for Android! 

DangerOz - Home Screen

DangerOz - Home Screen
Photographer: Jen Cork © Australian Museum

After we released DangerOz we received questions about why the app wasn’t available for Android. As discussed here, at that time we were so flat-strapped just getting it ready for the Apple Store that the thought of doing an Android version was a bit overwhelming. Also, we discovered along the way that these two platforms are so different it would have been like doing the app all over again from scratch!

As we are now realising that the Android market is an ever-growing one (check out this Business Insider blog post to see some stats) and in response to requests, we wanted to see what could be done. So, after a fortuitous meeting with a developer from Spacepeoples who offered to work with us, I’m really pleased to announce that we have released DangerOz in the Google Store. Note that we are still charging for the app (as discussed on this blog post) so it will be interesting to see the uptake, especially as Android users seem less likely to purchase apps according Yoni Heisler's blog post at Networked World.

A final thought: I see a lot of talk in the media about Apple vs. Android. I think we need to get beyond that discussion and celebrate the fact that we have choices, although this does mean we need to plan for both (and double the timeline for starters!). I also believe that Responsive Web Design may eventually supersede that argument anyway.

Download DangerOz for Apple and Android here.