AMplify ep 25: Sheldon Teare, Objects Conservator

By: Madelaine Love, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 07 Feb 2017

Executive Director and CEO Kim McKay in conversation with Sheldon Teare, Objects Conservator at the Australian Museum (AM).

Conservator Sheldon Teare repairs a Malagan Mask

Conservator Sheldon Teare repairs a Malagan Mask
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Want to know how to move a giant whale skeleton? Restore a ceremonial Malaga Mask? Reassemble an Irish Elk, or stick a Sea turtle skeleton back together? AM’s Objects Conservator Sheldon Teare is your guy.

Sheldon works in Materials Conservation across the AM's Collections, and specialises in Natural Sciences Collection materials. He was recently given the opportunity to study in Spain as part of the AM's Staff Awards, recognising his outstanding contribution to the AM.

"Even something as large as a lion can be affected by something as small as a pest, a little beetle that could eat the skin or fur or feathers, things like that, so while we deal with things on a macro scale we also deal on a very micro scale," Sheldon Teare.