What do our Members think about the Museum?

By: Chanele Moss, Category: At The Museum, Date: 02 Aug 2012

It’s an exciting time at the Australia Museum, in the midst of special exhibitions, tours, sleepovers, walks and night talks. Let’s hear what our renewing members have to say...


What do they have to say about the staff?...

“Excellent service provided by the Members staff. Great investment. Great exhibitions. Always interesting. Thanx”  Stav, Member since 2010

(The staff) “are VERY welcoming, helpful, just great.” Merran, Member since 1995

“Thoroughly enjoyed membership. We used it only to value of subscription, however felt staff very friendly and exhibition worthwhile.” The Davis Family, Members since 2009

And how about our exhibitions...

“Always enjoy the special exhibitions, never miss the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Love bringing my grandchildren.” Marrable, Member since 2006

“We always enjoy our visits... Always enjoy the Wildlife Photography exhibition. We come every year.” Chris and Janelle, Members since 1993

“The touch tables run by the museum volunteers are AWESOME. One very knowledgeable gentleman talked to my two young boys about rocks (a subject that fascinates them, but about which I know very little) for over an hour. They still talk about how you can test if a rock contains iron using a magnet.” Sarah & Brett, Members since 2011

Have you attended one of our walks or night talks?...

“I love the Ross Pearson walks with their identification of flora and fauna and the people who go on them.” Anne, Member since 1993

“Regular monthly talks... are very good and much enjoyed.” - Max & Beryn, Members since 2007

The Australian Museum is great for kids!...

“My boys love the Search and Discover section. It is great that such knowledgeable people are prepared to answer sometimes fairly inane questions so thoroughly and with a straight face.” Sarah & Brett, Members since 2011

“Love the kids pull out in the Explore magazine.” Sarah & Brett, Members since 2011

“Access to the members lounge is REALLY helpful when one has children as it provides a place you know you can sit down, feed kids and regroup.” Sarah & Brett, Members since 2011

Some final words from our lovely members...

“Keep up the good work.” Patricia, Member since 1993

“Love this place. Thank you!!”
Nicole & Trent, Members since 2011

We appreciate the ongoing support from all our members and promise to continue to offer excellent customer service and provide interesting and informative events!

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Want to become a Member? Go to Australian Museum Members website or call 9320 6225 to join.