If the Museum were a person

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: At The Museum, Date: 30 Apr 2009

13 year old boys tell us what type of person they think the Museum is

This year we have been working with a bunch of Year 7s from Ashfield Boys High School who have been using the Museum as part of an Australian Quality Teaching Grant to trial cross-curriculum units of work. They have also been giving us feedback about our new exhibitions. In the project wrap-up they were asked to imagine the type of person the Museum is and this is what they said:

If the Museum were a person, it would have been around 200 years old. Also it would have huge brain containing all of the evidence about dinosaurs and animals. This person would have a huge heart because it also helps people discover or learn something they haven't seen or heard before. It is a female, because not everything smart can be a man. It tells us about things we didn't know existed.

It would be an historian because it's mainly about things from many years ago.

It would be a very nice person and smart to tell people about the world and it is very old.

If the Museum were a person it would be wise and know a lot about the past. It would be an outgoing person because it always lets people in.

It will be a famous kind because the museum is famous and it is a bit like a castle because of its shape. He is a good actor because the museum has a lot of different things. He knows a lot of information because the Museum is full of information.

I think if the museum was a person he/she would be old and full of knowledge. I think this, because of all the exhibits in the museum are full of the knowledge and the museum looks very old.

If the Museum was a person it would be a palaeontologist because the museum is full of dinosaurs.

Old Grandpa. Knows a lot about history and what happened around the world. Nice, funny and smart.

It would be a very knowledgeable person, because it has loads of information about the past.

I think it would be a massive brick monster because it is huge and has a lot of bricks in the building. But it tells a lot of stories.

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Fatafehi - 9.09 AM, 11 September 2009
Hello,this a wonderful way of painting a picture with words!I am a writer and a researcher and Herbalists.I think the person who wrote this,is a walking one of wisdom and understanding.You will be a great leader in the near future.I see ones who can communicate over long distances,without a phone or a computer,they are connected still to the Dreamtime.I would love to meet all of you there.I see a young boy who is Indigenous Australian with Blond hair,and about four or five years old.I see a woman who has long wavy hair,with silver hair on both sides of her head.I see a Great Teacher who's hair flows backwards,with silver hair and beard.With white dust all over him.It is a calling from there in the Western part of Australia.He is also a seasoned warrior too.Thank you for sharing this understanding with me.We will meet in the future someday.I love the Peligans,and Emu's,and the Frogs who loves to laugh.{:-) I go by the spirit name of Fatafehi.Have a wonderful dream come true.With peace in my heart,I share with you,and all people who are connected to the The Earth and Heaven's. Fatafehi

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