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By: Ms Marloes Schepers, Category: At The Museum, Date: 13 Apr 2011

Yesterday’s Jurassic Lounge was –yet again a great night out. You guys enjoyed the music, explored the exhibitions, got Birds-of-Paradise-face paintings... and... Gave us some great feedback!
If the museum would develop a Jurassic Lounge app.. What information would it contain? And what would it look like? Here’s what you had to say...


Jurassic Lounge Sketch 1

Jurassic Lounge Sketch 1
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

What information would the app contain?
-Dinosaur identification
-Information about museum exhibits
-Interactive map
-Test: What dinosaur are you?
-Program for the night
-Photo gallery where you can upload your pictures
-GPS, museum location
-Timetables of the band
-Pricelist for drinks
-Whatever band is booked and a sample of their music

What would the app look like?
Check out the pictures on the side to see your suggestions of what the app should look like!

If you have some more brilliant ideas for the Jurassic Lounge app, please comment! Thanks.

UPDATE: Visit for the latest information on these spectacular nights.

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Lynda Kelly - 8.04 PM, 13 April 2011

Nice post Marloes. Thank you.

I'd like to see some kind of competition where you earn points for spotting things at the JLounge. And of course something along the lines of Foursquare where the mayor (winner) gets special priveleges!

Links to the websites/videos of musicians woudl also be good, as well as the samples mentioned above.

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