AMplify: Episode 11, Dr Richard Major (part two)

By: Alice Gage, Category: At The Museum, Date: 15 Jun 2016

Our podcast this week features the AM's ornithologist discussing citizen science projects Hollows as Homes and Wingtags.

Wingtags cockatoo – Jimmy (022)

Wingtags cockatoo – Jimmy (022)
Photographer:  © Wingtags

"Lots of people love cockatoos and lots of people hate them but we don’t know a lot about them. We thought here was a really good target animal for a citizen science project to understand the relationships between birds, people and the environment."

With this in mind, Dr Richard Major and collaborators founded Wingtags. They tagged 100 cockatoos and asked the people of Sydney to share photos of the birds on social media. Since 2011, all of the 100 birds have been reported and some of them hundreds of times.

This project has since evolved into Hollows as Homes.

"Unlike America we don’t have any woodpeckers, that actually excavate hallows in trees. Australian tree hollows are formed from fungus and termite activity, so they are slow to grow. [Hollows as Homes] is taking a bit of a census of the hollows across Sydney. We're asking people to look for hollows in their gardens, or in their street trees or in their bit of bush or paddock, and register the hollows so we know more about them."


Report your cockatoo sighting and learn more about Wingtags:

Report your hollow sighting and learn more about Hollows as Homes:


This podcast is a continuation from Episode 7 - listen to Part One now.


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