AMplify: Episode 1, Dr Rebecca Johnson

By: Alice Gage, Category: At The Museum, Date: 29 Mar 2016

The very first episode of our brand new weekly podcast, AMplify

Rebecca Johnson: Koala Genome Project

Rebecca Johnson: Koala Genome Project
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

For the debut episode, Kim McKay talks to Dr Rebecca Johnson, Director of AMRI, about what motivated her to become a wildlife geneticist.

"I look at the DNA of pretty much any species of animal, wildlife in our world here at the Australian Museum basically means all animals but not typically plants, and that also excludes humans... There's so many reasons why you'd want to know about animal DNA..."

Every week, join Executive Director & CEO Kim McKay in conversation with scientists from the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) and experts in Indigenous Australian and Pacific cultures.