• Science

    The Power of X-rays

    Colleagues at the Smithsonian have just added a fantastic new online exhibition to their website.  Called 'What You See When You Turn a Fish Inside Out' gives users the chance to strip away the exterior of a fish and take an x-ray peek at its insides. Great stuff!

  • Science

    Calling on Tongan Traditions: Ngatu

    Lady Tunakaimanu Feilakepa is renowned and greatly respected for her traditional cultural knowledge in Tonga and across the Pacific. Here she kindly shares her knowledge on the creation and use of tapa cloth.

  • At The Museum

    Point and shoot #1 - Seeing is Believing

    Museum photographers Carl Bento and James King on the power and practice of photography. This week, seeing is believing...

  • Science

    Southern Garfish, Hyporhamphus melanochir

    I was recently emailed about his footage of Southern Garfish feeding in the shallows in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.  The videographer reported that the garfish "were breaking off strands of eelgrass and apparently stripping small invertebrates off the grass as well."

  • Lifelong Learning

    Liquid gold: save urine, save the planet?

    Ancient cultures, from Greece to Asia, have used urine as a fertiliser to provide nutrients to their crops. Is recycling our urine a radical solution to global food security and saving our waterways?

  • Museullaneous

    Caring for Alfred North's original pictorial material

    Archives volunteer, Ada Klinkhamer writes of her experience rehousing and documenting photographs and illustrations prepared for use in publications by Australian Museum ornithologist, Alfred John North.