During the week we reported on a Whale Shark sighting in Botany Bay.  Teagan Marzullo visited to examine the spines of rays in the collection and a small 'Querying the site' image gallery was added.  Of course there were also plenty of new images added.  Thank you to everyone who c

New images:

Abyssal Ghostshark and egg case
Abyssal Ghostshark, Hydrolagus trolli
Dorsal view of a young Abyssal Ghostshark
Juvenile Eastern Striped Grunter
Post-larval Eastern Striped Grunter
Multispine Damsel at North West Solitary Island
Multispine Damsel, Neoglyphidodon polyacanthus
Ringtail Unicornfish, Naso annulatus
Caudal peduncle of a Ringtail Unicornfish
Head of a Ringtail Unicornfish
Tail of a Ringtail Unicornfish
Striped Gudgeon, Gobiomorphus australis
Tawny Shark, Nebrius ferrugineus

New visitor:

Teagan Marzullo

New blog post:

Whale Shark in Botany Bay - April 2011

New image gallery:

Several people have told me that they have trouble finding particular pages on the site.  I hope that the new Querying the site pages will solve the problem.