And the weird fish of the week award goes to ... the Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse.

What a strange little fish. Phil Mercurio's Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse images blew me out of the water.  'Pipehorse' sounds like a cross between a pipefish and a seahorse, and it looks like it too.  They are all classified in the family Syngnathidae along with the bizarre seadragons.

New images:

Dotlined Grubfish, Parapercis lineopunctata
Highfin Grouper, Epinephelus maculatus
Largemouth Threefin at Lizard Island
Largemouth Threefin, Ucla xenogrammus
Oval Rockcod - head
Oval Rockcod, Triso dermopterus
Scribbled Rabbitfish off Port Moresby
Scribbled Rabbitfish, Siganus spinus
Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse, Acentronura breviperula
Shortpouch Pygmy Pipehorse at Bowen
Spiny Gurnard, Lepidotrigla papilio

New fact sheet:

Lemonpeel Angelfish, Centropyge flavissima

New movies:

Lemonpeel Angelfish, Centropyge flavissima
Spotted handfish, Brachionichthys hirsutus

New image gallery: