This week we feature the visits of two researchers, a fish photographer page was updated from the old site, we find out about the predators of the Weeping Toadfish and as always plenty of new fishy content was added.

Visiting researchers

Dr Martin Gomon

Martin Gomon from Museum Victoria visited for two days. He examined specimens from the collection for his revision of Australian flatfishes in the genus Poecilopsetta.

John Pogonoski

John Pogonoski from the Fish Taxonomy Group at CSIRO, Hobart, returned for another day of work on our large holdings of moray eels.

Fish Photographer

Dr Barry Hutchins (ex Western Australian Museum) has given permission for many of his images to appear on the fish site (see Megamouth Shark and Gulf Gurnard Perch). His photographer page has been migrated from the old site.

What eats a poisonous fish?

During the week we had an email enquiry asking about the the predators of the poisonous Smooth Toadfish, Tetractenos glaber. We weren't successful in tracking down the predators of this species (please comment if you have information), but Barry Hutchins provided some interesting information about Weeping Toadfish predators.

New fish species pages

New fish movies