This week I was delighted to add two beautiful images of the undescribed 'Bare Island' anglerfish. Also added were a 'new species' for the site, the Little Bellowsfish plus some great images of a Common Galaxias and a Scribbled Unicornfish from remote Middleton Reef. From closer to home, the Hor

New images:

Estuary Catfish skull - lower surface
Estuary Catfish skull - upper surface
Horned Blenny, Parablennius intermedius
Little Bellowsfish, Macroramphosus gracilis
Scribbled Unicornfish, Naso maculatus
Undescribed anglerfish
Undescribed anglerfish at Jervis Bay
Whitebait stage Common Galaxias

Find a fish:

Columns have been added to the Find a fish table to show the number of species in each family on the site and the total number of species for the family in Australia.

'Old' visitors:

We are still adding images of visitors who appeared on the old site and were not migrated. This week it is the turn of colleagues from New Zealand and Japan.

Dr Clive Roberts
Dr Hiroshi Kawase