This week we feature a fantastic image of the Tasselled Anglerfish, we watch a Blackspot Tuskfish doing its thing, look at juvenile fish rockclimbing and as always point to new fishy content.

Spot the fish

Sascha Schultz sent us a wonderful image of a Tasselled Anglerfish.

Rockclimbing fish

This image shows the incredible rockclimbing skills of juvenile Cox's Gudgeon.  Keen fish watcher Andrew Lo was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time.

New species fact sheet

Brown Sabretooth Blenny, Petroscirtes lupus

New movie

Blackspot Tuskfish, Choerodon schloenleinii

New images

Bluespotted Goatfish, Upeneichthys vlamingii
New Zealand Mado, Atypichthys latus
Striped Gudgeon, Gobiomorphus australis
Yelloweye Mullet, Aldrichetta forsteri

New image gallery