The highlights of the week were the commencement of a new stint of employment for Stephanie Baccarella and the arrival of two specimens of Spearfish Remora. The Spearfish Remora is a pale pink fish that uses its sucking disc to attach to the gills of marlin and spearfish. These specimens are th

New images:

Male Shaw's Cowfish
Sydney Cardinalfish, Apogon limenus (migrated from old site)
Butterflyfish larva
Leopard Flounder, Bothus pantherinus (migrated from old site)
Leopard Flounder in Red Rock Estuary (migrated from old site)
Spadenose Clingfish, Cochleoceps spatula
Spadenose Clingfish at Port Hughes
Blacktail Snapper, Lutjanus fulvus

New Staff:

Stephanie Baccarella in the fish collection

New blog post:

Coral trout spawning (a very interesting blog post and movie from Lizard Island)

Other stuff:

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