The content of this post actually covers a little more than one week.  The addition of web content was interrupted last week because we spent four days in Townsville attending the 2011 Australian Society for Fish Biology annual conference and collections workshop.  There is a feast of f

New images:

Australian Sawtail - juvenile
Blacktip Cucumberfish, Paraulopus nigripinnis
Freshwater Catfish - head
Freshwater Catfish - tail
Freshwater Catfish, Tandanus tandanus
Kimberley Mogurnda, Mogurnda oligolepis
Krasyukova's Perch - head
Krasyukova's Perch - tail
Krasyukova's Perch, Caprodon krasyukovae
Mosaic Moray, Enchelycore ramosa
Oyster Blenny, Omobranchus anolius
Pacific Spookfish, Rhinochimaera pacifica
Juvenile Pacific Spookfish
Silverbelly, Parequula melbournensis
Skin of a 1.56 m Tiger Shark
Skin of a 92 cm Tiger Shark
Sleepy Cod, Oxyeleotris lineolata
Venus Tuskfish at Fly Point

New visitor:

Steen Knudsen

New Research Associate image:

Dr David Pollard

Identify a fish:

The key to fish families is again available through the Collections Australia site.
Identify a fish using the fish key

New movies:

Pacific Leaping Blennies leaping
Pacific Leaping Blenny on rocks

New FAQ page:

What is the longest bony fish?

...and one more just for fun:

I couldn't go past also pointing out the fantastic movie footage of a deepsea tripodfish 'landing' on the bottom.  This is well worth a look.