This week we show how an archerfish spits.  You can watch 14 new movies (thanks Kieren and Krystof) or view many new images, a selection of which are listed below (thanks Colin, Dave, Duncan and Vanessa).

New blog posts:

Archerfish - sharpshooters of the mangroves

Watch a BBC movie clip showing archerfish shooting insects out of overhanging branches.  A photo of the mouth of a Sevenspot Archerfish from the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection shows the structures that allow archerfishes to spite with such accuracy.

More news from Pelagos

Adrian Flynn has provided some more excellent fishy links.   View images of a new species of batfish from the Gulf of Mexico, long distance fish travelers and a goby that is doing an important environmental job.

New movies:

Beaked Coralfish in the Gold Coast Seaway
Black Boxfish at Julian Rocks
Dot-and-Dash Butterflyfish at Ribbon Reefs
Doublesaddle Butterflyfish at Agincourt Reef
Dusky Butterflyfish at the Gold Coast Seaway
Goldstripe Butterflyfish at Flinders Reef
Gunther's Butterflyfish at Flinders Reef
Horned Bannerfish at Ribbon Reefs
Klein's Butterflyfish at Flinders Reef
Lattice Butterflyfish at The Cod Hole
Lined Butterflyfish at Ribbon Reefs
Merten's Butterflyfish at Steves Bommie
Shaw's Cowfish at Morning Pier
Smoothnose Wedgefish at Sydney Aquarium

New images:

A deepsea coffinfish on the North West Shelf
Juvenile Rainbow Monocle Bream
Juvenile Two-line Monocle Bream
Larval Pinstripe Butterflyfish
Monkfish, Sladenia gardineri
Mouth of a Sevenspot Archerfish
Shaw's Cowfish, Aracana aurita
Splendid Hawkfish at Fly Point
A Western Blobfishon the North West Shelf
Xanthic Sea Mullet