"Sawfish seen in action" might sound more grammatically correct than "Sawfish saw in action", but if you click on the link below you'll see why I've given the blog post that name. Thank you as always to everyone who contributed images and comments during the week.

New images:

A Coralgoby, Gobiodon prolixus
Castelnau's Wrasse at Rapid Bay Jetty
Castelnau's Wrasse, Dotalabrus aurantiacus
Cook’s Scorpionfish, Scorpaena cardinalis
Inscribed Wrasse, Notolabrus inscriptus
Longfin Garfish from Lord Howe Island
Maori Coralgoby, Gobiodon histrio

New blog posts:

Larval basslet movies
Sawfish saw in action

New visitor:

John Pogonoski - 2012