What a week!  A rare seahorse was retrieved from fish guts and gudgeons were seen scaling a slippery slope.

Our fish friends at Lord Howe Island have done it again.  They've collected the second ever specimen of a Collar Seahorse.  That's pretty cool, but stranger still was that the fish was extracted live from the stomach of a kingfish. The seahorse is now in Ian Kerr's freezer at the Marine Park Authority office, but will soon make its way to the museum where it will join the holotype in the fish collection.  Thanks guys!

Also making news this week is the story of 'climbing' gudgeons.  Wayne Bowen contacted the museum about his unusual sighting of freshwater fish leaving a flooded creek and 'scaling' a grassy slope.

New images:

Collar Seahorse, Hippocampus jugumus
Foxfish at Esperance
Lemonpeel Angelfish, Centropyge flavissima
Striped Gudgeon climbing
Triplespot Blenny, Crossosalarias macrospilus

New document:

How old is the oldest snapper?

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