This week we feature the first of a series of blog posts from Lizard Island.  There are some great new images of freshwater and marine fishes and a short movie of a large Black Rockcod filmed during the Kermadec Islands expedition. Thank you everyone.

New blog post:

Amanda Hay, Jeff Leis and Jack O'Connor are doing fieldwork at Lizard Island.  Amanda's first blog post from the field is now online - Lizard Fish - In the beginning

New images:

Empire Gudgeon from Narara Creek
Empire Gudgeon in an aquarium
Empire Gudgeon, Hypseleotris compressa
Gunther's Wrasse, Pseudolabrus guentheri
Little Weed Whiting from Bendalong
Little Weed Whiting, Neoodax balteatus
Widebody Pipefish close up
Widebody Pipefish in red alga

New movie:

Black Rockcod, Epinephelus daemelii

New factsheet:

Empire Gudgeon, Hypseleotris compressa