Highlights for this week include an exchange of comments on parental care and 'glancing' in the Spiny Puller.  We view a new movie of a strangly-coloured Reticulate Whipray, learn about a Leatherjacket Louse and enjoy 40 new fact sheets have been migrated from the old site.

Parental care damsels

Website member 'kokosnood' asked which species of damselfishes offer parental care to their young.  This led to an exchange of comments on the Spiny Puller page about the species that show parental care and an unusual behaviour of the young known as 'glancing'.

New image galleries

Tropical Snappers


What is a Leatherjacket Louse?

New movies

Reticulate Whipray at North Stradbroke Island

New species fact sheets

The following 40 fact sheets have been migrated from the old site.  Some do not yet have their images attached.  This will be done soon.

Deepwater Clingfish, Kopua kuiteri
Goldstripe Goatfish, Mulloidichthys vanicolensis
Horn-nose Boxfish, Rhynchostracion rhinorhynchos
Humpback Scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis macrochir
Immaculate Glidergoby, Valenciennea immaculata
Johnson's Gurnard Perch, Neosebastes johnsoni
King Gar, Scomberesox saurus
Knifejaw, Oplegnathus woodwardi
Largehead Hairtail, Trichiurus lepturus
Largemouth Threefin, Ucla xenogrammus
Largescale Grunter, Terapon theraps
Largescale Neoscopelid, Neoscopelus macrolepidotus
Latchet, Pterygotrigla polyommata
Leaf Scorpionfish, Taenianotus triacanthus
Leopard Whipray, Himantura leoparda
Little Weed Whiting, Neoodax balteatus
Longfin Batfish, Platax pinnatus
Longnose Hawkfish, Oxycirrhites typus
Longraker Trevally, Ulua mentalis
Longsnout Boarfish, Pentaceropsis recurvirostris
Longsnout Flathead, Thysanophrys chiltonae
Longsnout Gurnard Perch, Neosebastes longirostris
Lyretail Hawkfish, Cyprinocirrhites polyactis
Mouth Mackerel, Rastrelliger kanagurta
Oblique-banded Snapper, Pristipomoides zonatus
Oblique-banded Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus lineatus
Slender Squirrelfish, Neoniphon sammara
Southern Peacock Sole, Pardachirus hedleyi
Southern Pygmy Pipehorse, Idiotropiscis australe
Southern Red Scorpionfish, Scorpaena papillosa
Spotted Pipefish, Stigmatopora argus
Striped Catfish, Plotosus lineatus
Tailspot Lizardfish, Synodus jaculum
Whitebarred Boxfish, Anoplocapros lenticularis
Whitestreak Grubfish, Parapercis stricticeps
Whitley’s Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi
Yellow Boxfish, Ostracion cubicus
Yellowfin Goby, Acanthogobius flavimanus
Yellowfin Parrotfish, Scarus flavipectoralis
Yellowmargin Triggerfish, Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus