This week we feature the incredible Pacific Leaping Blenny and show movie footage of a very lively Spikefin Goby in an aquarium.  We farewell Justine our 'metal tag worker' and ask the question "Why don't anemonefishes get stung?".

New images:

Pacific Leaping Blenny out of water
Pacific Leaping Blenny, Alticus arnoldorum
Scaly Mackerel heads
Scaly Mackerel, Sardinella lemuru
Wahoo caught off Port Stephens

New blog posts:

Dusky Whaler juveniles in Sydney 2011
Huge Oarfish in the shallows
Spikefin Goby, Discordipinna griessingeri

New staff member:

Justine Djajadikarta

New FAQ:

Why don't anemonefishes get stung?

Fish Section Photographer:

Dr Jeff Williams