This week we began work on a new fish list that will facilitate better access to pages.  We welcome two new visitors and take you on a tour of part of the fish collection.

New fish list:

I have received a number of emails over the last few months asking where the 'full species list' of fishes can be located on the site. People have commented that the old Australian Museum fish site had such a list, but the new one does not. I agree with you and am working on it. Have patience, setting up new pages and links for close to 1000 species is taking some time. You can view where I am up to on the Find a fish page.

Find a fish

New video:

Fish Collection tour

New visitors:

Shang Yin (Vanson) Liu
Franz Uiblein at the Australian Museum

New images:

Common Hardyhead, Atherinomorus vaigiensis
Krefft's Frillgoby near seagrass
Krefft's Frillgoby, Bathygobius krefftii
Marbled Flathead, Platycephalus marmoratus
Marbled Flathead tail
Smalleye Pygmy Shark, Squaliolus alii
Southern Red Scorpionfish, Scorpaena papillosa