The big news for the week was the starring role that Mr Blobby played on the opening show of The Gruen Transfer.  Additions to the site include some pretty 'nasty' images of damage inflicted by a Smalltooth Cookie Cutter Shark, new fieldwork galleries and finally an image of the mouth of a l

Mr Blobby the superstar

You just have to look at this fish! The famous Mr Blobby was the star of 'The Pitch' on The Gruen Transfer.

Cookiecutter Shark feeding scars

The Smalltooth Cookiecutter Shark, which grows to no more than 50 cm leaves distinctive scars on the bodies of larger fishes and mammals. You may not want to look at this gallery if you are squeamish or about to eat...

Fish Fieldwork galleries

A new fieldwork gallery has been made for the NORFANZ expedition. It was during this trip that Mr Blobby was caught. The gallery contains images of many of the strange deepsea fishes that were collected. The Central NSW fieldwork gallery has been migrated from the old site.

New images

Juvenile Choat's Wrasse (Dave Harasti)
Mouth of a Lamprey (Mark McGrouther)
Spotted Wobbegong below Old Man's Hat (Erik Schlögl)
Zebra Lionfish at Fly Point (Jonathan Regan)

Dam climbing fish

Small fish, large wall! A Tale of Climbing Galaxias shows fish climbing the wall of Winburndale Dam.  The page has been migrated from the old site.

Big Fish

We took receipt of a large Smoothnose WedgefishRhynchobatus laevis, from Sydney Aquarium. The head only is now in the Fish Collection.