It has been a 'sharky week' with the addition of images showing a shark bite on a horse (really!), a Prickly Dogfish, and wounds inflicted on larger fishes by Cookiecutter Sharks.  Rebecca Johnson from our Genetics Unit deserves another cheer for her TV appearance on Catalyst.  Thank yo

New images:

Brokenline Wrasse, Stethojulis interrupta
Juvenile Brokenline Wrasse
Cookiecutter bite on Shortbill Spearfish
Cookiecutter bites on Yellowfin Tuna
Humpnose Unicornfish, Naso tonganus
Head of a Prickly Dogfish
Prickly Dogfish from NORFANZ
Prickly Dogfish mouth
Prickly Dogfish, Oxynotus bruniensis
Shark wound on horse (image only in comment on Bull Shark page)
Southern Conger from Batemans Bay

New species index:

Work continues on the Find a Fish list.  A link to the was added to the Synaphobranchidae - Basketwork Eels

New vistors:

TAFE fish collection tour 2011

New Fish Bits post:

Fin forensics and the fish collection (Rebecca and Mark on Catalyst)