Exciting happenings this week include a small shark with a big appetite, drummers with weird buoyancy devices and a Sydney Harbour surprise.

The first happening of note is a small shark with a gutful.  Mike Miller sent great images of this fish from a research vessel in the Pacific.  Closer to home, Chad Loxsom's image of a Yellowfin Tuna renders the Sydney Harbour fish species list in our paper  'out of date' less than a month after publication... sigh!  And finally, Pat Plunkett from DPI Fisheries sent us specimens of two species of drummer for identification.  Their gas bladders are worth a look.

New images:

Barred Longtom, Ablennes hians
Finny Scad - tail
Finny Scad, Megalaspis cordyla
Mulloway gas bladder
Spotted Sawtail, Prionurus maculatus
Teraglin gas bladder
Teraglin, Atractoscion aequidens
Wedgetail Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus rectangulus
Yellowfin Tuna in Sydney Harbour

New factsheets:

Banded Stingaree, Urolophus cruciatus
Finny Scad, Megalaspis cordyla
Pink Whipray, Himantura fai
Slender Sprat, Spratelloides gracilis
Wedgetail Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus rectangulus
Yellowmargin Moray, Gymnothorax flavimarginatus

New blog posts:

Marine vandal has a gutful!

New movies:

Moses' Snapper, Lutjanus russellii
Southern Eagle Ray, Myliobatis australis
Wedgetail Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus rectangulus

Past visitors:

Dr Peter Last - 2007