This week we show remarkable footage of hagfish using slime as a defence mechanism.  These fishes are also active hunters.  There are some great new images, plus the first sighting of 'the' undescribed anglerfish guarding its eggs.

New blog posts:

Amazing new hagfish behaviour (2 movies)

New movie:

Cut-throat Eel swimming

New images:

Broadgilled Hagfish teeth
Bumphead Parrotfish pharyngeal bone
Masked Threefin, Enneapterygius similis
Phil Mercurio
Saddleback Pigfish at Muiron Islands

New image galleries:

Triplefins and Threefins

New information:

The undescribed anglerfish has now been recorded from Shellharbour, New South Wales.  This is the first sighting of the species guarding its eggs.