It's been an exciting week.  Two blog posts, a freakish deepsea anglerfish and plenty of new images.

Blog posts:

Amazing hagfish videos - Who's the slimiest fish of all?
Research Assocate Ken Graham discovered a strange eel in the collection.

Who's the happy little parasite?

This is remarkable! Adult male Soft Leafvent Anglerfish lead an 'interesting life'.  Here are larger images of a female and a male attached to a female.

New fishy images:

Adult Stripey Snapper
Stripey Snapper - Settlement stage
Goby on a Nudibranch
Headlight Lanternfish
Two juvenile Dusky Whalers
Highfin Amberjack
Map Pufferfish at at Tufi home reef
Masked Threefin at Fly Point
Shark Skeleton

People pages:

Vanessa Valenzuela
David Muirhead
Dr Rob Harcourt
Erik Schlögl

Helen Smith

Collection history:

Dry collection move, July 2004