This week we go on a 'habitat road trip', as we watch Golden Perch in the green waters of Blowering Dam, a snailfish swimming in the ocean depths, a stargazer bursting from the sediment and pipefish living between the tentacles of an anemone in the clear waters of Komodo Island.  Thank you e

New images:

Horseshoe Leatherjacket at the Investigator Group
Finger Dragonet, Dactylopus dactylopus
Softcoral Pipefish, Siokunichthys breviceps

New movies:

Common Stargazer, Kathetostoma laeve
Giant Guitarfish, Rhynchobatus laevis
Golden Perch, Macquaria ambigua
Snailfish swimming on the Northwest Shelf

New fact sheet:

Harrisson's Dogfish, Centrophorus harrissoni

Old visitor page:

Will White examining a Mandarin Shark