This week we feature an incredible piece of research on deepsea fishes that have flexible 'necks' that lack vertebrae.  Bizarre!  Four new movies were loaded, a bunch of images added, and a new image gallery for triggerfishes was compiled.

New Blog Post:

Grow a backbone! Award-winning research on deepsea dragonfishes.

New movies:

Clown Triggerfish at Julian Rocks
Eye-stripe Triggerfish, Sufflamen chrysopterum
Pallid Triggerfish, Sufflamen bursa
Titan Triggerfish at Agincourt Reef

New fact sheet:

Why are they called triggerfishes?

New images:

Beverley Veasey
Larval surgeonfish
Red Gurnard caught off Sydney Heads
Sharphead Perch and Australian Barred Tilefish

New Image Gallery:


New document:

Collection Codes A worldwide list of Ichthyological and Herpetological collection acronyms.