This week we feature the amazing blind Cave Gudgeon.  Only found in Australia, it lives in lightless waters in caves and sinkholes.

Freaky fish of the week:

The blind Cave Gudgeon, Milyeringa veritas, is a truly strange species. Not only does it live in a lightless world, often at high temperatures, but it does so by detecting its surroundings using special sensory papillae.  More information and a movie are on the fact sheet.

New factsheets:

Clouded Saury, Saurida nebulosa
Flame Snapper, Etelis coruscans
Lined Monocle Bream, Scolopsis lineatus
Pinkbreast Siphonfish, Siphamia roseigaster
Threadfin Emperor, Lethrinus genivittatus

New movies:

Black-spotted Porcupinefish, Diodon hystrix
Slender Suckerfish, Echeneis naucrates

New images:

Sandy Sprat, Hyperlophus vittatus
Cocktail Wrasse, Pteragogus flagellifer
Twofin Flashlightfish from the collection

Past staff:

Denise Rennis (TO and RA, 1981-1987)

Past visitor:

Andrew Stewart (NMNZ, TePapa, 2004)