We added some great new content this week and are excited to show images of a Monte Bello Seahorse. These may be the first underwater photos of the species. As always, thank you to everyone who contributed and best wishes to all our 'fish friends' for the Festive Season.

New images:

Broad Duckbill, Enigmapercis reducta
Dusky Flathead at Manly
Dusky Flathead swimming
Holotype of Enigmapercis reducta
Larval Red Bass
Lemon Coralgoby, Gobiodon citrinus
Monte Bello Seahorse at Port Hedland
Monte Bello Seahorse, Hippocampus montebelloensis
Shortbill Spearfish, Tetrapturus angustirostris
Silver Drummer at Marino Rocks
Silver Drummer, Kyphosus sydneyanus
Tommyfish from Bendalong
Tommyfish, Limnichthys fasciatus

New image gallery:

Billfishes - Marlins, Sailfishes and relatives