I don't mind saying that I'm pretty excited to be able to announce that the new Find a Fish page is online. Working on this page (and those that sit beneath it) has consumed more of my evenings than I would like to admit.  In addition, as always, some great images were added. Thanks troops!

Find a fish:

A new master index of fishes has been added to the site. Find a fish will make it much easier to view at a glance all the assets for a particular family. Currently, the site contains information on 1054 species but that number is increasing rapidly.  The family with the most content is the labridae (wrasses), with 82 species represented (out of a total Australian fauna of 230 species).

New fish images:

Diamondfish, Monodactylus argenteus
Flathead Sandfish
Flathead Sandfish buried
Flathead Sandfish, Lesueurina platycephala
Largemouth Goby in the Minnamurra River
Largemouth Goby, Redigobius macrostoma
Spiny Pipehorse from Palm Beach
Threeband Butterflyfish at Lord Howe Island
Threeband Butterflyfish, Chaetodon tricinctus
Vanuatu Snapper, Paracaesio gonzalesi
Whitley's Gurnard Perch, Maxillicosta whitleyi