This week we added images of far-flung fish species; two surgeonfishes from Mauritius and a damselfish from Bali. Yes, I know this is the AUSTRALIAN Museum website, but these species also occur in Australia, so no excuse was needed. Thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the week.

New images:

Bronze Bullseye at Lord Howe Island
Bronze Bullseye, Pempheris analis
Convict Surgeonfish at Mauritius
Mangrove Jack at Pulau Payar Island
Mosaic Leatherjacket at Manly
Ornate Snapper from Lord Howe Island
Ornate Snapper, Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus
Threespot Damsel at Tulamben
Whitespotted Surgeonfish, Acanthurus guttatus

New movies:

Mangrove Jack, Lutjanus argentimaculatus