This week we are excited to announce that an RSS feed has been added to Fish Bits.  Content can now come directly to you.  As usual, some great images have been added to the site.  Thanks to all.

New images

Amberjack, Seriola dumerili
Juvenile White-ear
Mouth of a Pearl Perch
Pearl Perch, Glaucosoma scapulare
White-ear at Bare Island
Striped Catfish, Plotosus lineatus

New volunteer pages

Tim Kett in the Fish Collection
Tim Kett with shark jaws

New FAQs

How do Electric Rays produce electricity?
Was the tsunami email factual or a hoax?

New blog post

RSS feed added to Fish Bits!  (Click the orange icon at the top of the screen)
You're toasted!

New family lists

Ceratiidae - Seadevils
Gigantactinidae - Whipnose Anglerfishes
Glaucosomatidae - Pearl Perches
Melanocetidae - Blackdevils
Pomacentridae - Damselfishes