Another fish-filled week flashed past.  Try saying that with a mouthful of cornflakes!  Thank you very much to everyone who contributed.

New FAQ:

Dr Kelly Wright answers one of the world's great questions - Do fish smell? 

New images:

Eastern Frogfish and juveniles
Juvenile Eastern Frogfish
Juvenile Pineapplefish
Spotted Fringefin Goby, Eviota guttata
Twofin Flashlightfish, Anomalops katoptron

New factsheets:

Bluespotted Coral Trout, Plectropomus laevis
Clarence River Cod, Maccullochella ikei
Purplespotted Bigeye, Priacanthus tayenus
Western Striped Grunter, Pelates octolineatus
Whitespotted Grouper, Epinephelus coeruleopunctatus

New photographer:

Thank you Jayne Jenkins for allowing us to use many of your fish images on the website.