It's been a week of movies and blogs.  The site contains 8 new movies and links to some fantastic new material on the Web. Thank you as always to our contributors!

Blog posts:

Dangerous times for Stripey Snappers

Finding a home on the reef can be a lethal time for baby Stripey Snappers. This post showcases a recently published paper by the Australian Museum's Jeff Leis.

Fantastic fish links from Pelagos

Ichthyologist, Adrian Flynn, kindly allowed us to post links to some of the most amazing footage about fishes. The 'Barreleye in Monterey Canyon' is incredible. Thanks again Adrian!

Sixgill Shark attacks bait

A Sixgill Shark was caught on video attacking a bait in deep water near Osprey Reef, off north-eastern Australia.

New movies:

Larval fish following

Watch our intrepid researchers swim through blue water watching nothing but a tiny fish in front of them.

Eastern Smooth Boxfish at Julian Rocks
Highcrown Seahorse in the Gold Coast Seaway
Roundbelly Cowfish at Julian Rocks
Splendid Hawkfish at 9 mile reef
Striped Boxfish at Osprey Reef
Thornback Cowfish, Lactoria fornasini