This week, we feature images of a cod swimming more than 1 km below the surface.  From one extreme to the other, we have added images of juvenile Common Galaxias schooling in a shallow pool.  Other additions include common fishes from coastal waters of south-eastern Australia. Thank you

New fish images:

Cod in deepwater on the North-west Shelf

Cod at a depth of 1215 m
Cod on the North West Shelf
Cod, Lepidion sp.

Juvenile Common Galaxias

Common Galaxias, Galaxias maculatus
Juvenile Common Galaxias
Juvenile Common Galaxias schooling

'East coast' fishes:

Eastern Frogfish at Fly Point
Goldspotted Rockcod, Epinephelus coioides
Halfbanded Seaperch, Hypoplectrodes maccullochi
Silverside Weedfish, Cristiceps argyropleura
Smooth Stingray, Dasyatis brevicaudata
Tarwhine, Rhabdosargus sarba
Widebody Pipefish at Camp Cove