This week we feature a great movie clip of two Numbfish up close and personal.  Alan Williams from CSIRO Hobart visited to work on lanternfishes.  As usual there are plenty of new fish images.  Thanks to all.

New blog post:

Mating Numbfish

New Visitor:

Dr Alan Williams

New image gallery:

Sea Moths

New images:

Bridled Clingfish, Lepadichthys frenatus
Bridled Clingfish at 'Old Gultch West'
Slender Seamoth, Pegasus volitans
Spangled Perch, Leiopotherapon unicolor
Shortspine Porcupinefish, Cyclichthys orbicularis
White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Tanichthys albonubes
Green Point Creek
Mating Numbfish
Male and female Numbfish