Returning to work after three weeks on fieldwork is not always easy.  Despite the excellent efforts of Amanda and Sally, there were many emails to answer and plenty of jobs that had to be done.  I have added a number of images and two movies in a feeble attempt to relive the Kermadec ex

New Kermadecs expedition images and movies:

Australian Museum Kermadecs team
Mandy Reid on the Braveheart
Stephen Keable collecting
Galapagos Shark at the Kermadecs (movie)
Eastern King Wrasses at the Kermadecs (movie)

New fish images:

Blackthroat Threefin, Helcogramma decurrens
Freckled Anglerfish from Crystal Beach
Freckled Anglerfish, Antennarius coccineus
Spine-cheek Clownfish at Rabaul
Spine-cheek Clownfish, Premnas biaculeatus

New Visitor:

Bonnie Holmes (Tiger Sharks)